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Flat Irons

A flat iron can also be used to straighten hair. A flat iron consists of two flat plates that are heated and then clamped together on a section of hair and pulled along the length of the hair to straighten it. The plates can be metal, coated ceramic plates (metal covered with ceramic) or true ceramic plates. Ceramic flat irons are popular because the ceramic plates hold a negative electrical charge (sometimes referred to as "negative ions"). This negative charge on the flat iron plates counteracts the positive charge on hair to make the hair lay flat.

When buying a flat iron look for one that has an adjustable temperature gauge so that you can regulate the temperature, and that has ceramic, ceramic touralamine, or ceramic coated titanium plates. Top quality flat irons will have one of these three types of plates, but these usually cost quite a bit. If you are not sure that a flat iron is what you want, you can always try a less expensive flat iron, and then purchase a more expensive one if you decide that is what you want.

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