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Q and A - Heat Damaged Ends That Won't Revert

Q&A: Heat Damaged Ends That Won't Revert


I've got heat damaged ends that won't revert. Do I just keep on pressing (lighter application of heat and heat protectants) or lay off the heat. I haven't pressed in about 6 months and the new growth is killing me! Thx. 


I would suggest that you trim the heat damaged ends off, if it is isn't too much. If your main goal with pressing is to control your new growth, I suggest that you try moisturizing and detangling the new growth with a gentle shampoo and rich conditioner like the ones we offer at nwscents.com. If you want to try pressing again, use a much lower heat setting and be sure to use a heat protectant that doesn't contain any kind of grain alcohol (which will be listed as SD-alcohol or grain alcohol on the label) or other drying ingredients. I use hair oil, but you may prefer something different. Be sure to follow the tips that we have for pressing hair. Don't make the objective of pressing your hair to have "pin-straight" hair. That is where many people end up damaging their hair. Use pressing as a way to gain more control over your hair. You can also control your hair in it's naturally textured state with the right products. If you have any more questions, let me know.