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Q and A - Hair Won't Hold A Press

Q&A: Hair Won't Hold a Press


My hair is natural and I want to press it. I have used everything to press it and nothing holds the press. What should I use? 


There are a few things that might affect how well your hair holds a press. These are: 
  1. The quality and type of tool that you are using. I recommend using an electric pressing comb or a true-ceramic flat iron with a temperature regulator. These allow you to control the temperature while you are pressing. 
  2. The products you use on your hair before you press your hair. Believe it or not, the shampoo and conditioner you use on your hair before you press your hair will affect the ability of your hair to hold a press. If you are using a shampoo that is drying to the hair, and either not using conditioner, or using one that doesn't properly moisturize and condition your hair, it is much harder to get a decent press, and your hair will revert. 
  3. The products that you use on your hair while you are pressing your hair. I recommend using a natural hair oil as a heat protectant when you press your hair. I would avoid alcohol-based sprays (heat protectants which contain SD alcohol or grain alcohol). These are drying to the hair.