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Q and A - Can I Press Permed Hair?

Q&A: Can I Press Permed Hair?


I permed my hair almost 6 weeks ago and I do not want to perm it again. I want to press it. Can I do that without damaging my hair? Will it cause breakage? And can I get braids after it has been pressed? 


I would recommend that you let the perm grow out before pressing your hair. Some people use the pressing comb to press the new growth as their perm grows out. It will be a lot healthier for your hair if you wait. Perms by their nature already weaken the hair, and if you apply heat to the weakened hair you will most likely experience some breakage.

You also asked "And can I get braids after it has been pressed?" I know that some people braid pressed hair, but to me that seems unnecessary. Braids hold much better in natural hair than in pressed hair because the natural texture of afro hair helps the braids to stay together longer. I personally would choose either pressing or braiding, but not both at the same time.